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Walton County FL Beach Permits Info

Helpful Permit Links for Permanent and Seasonal Residents

Beach Permit at Walton County FL

Walton County has some of the most beautiful beaches in the State. Preserving their natural beauty and protecting turtles and other endangered species who we share the beaches with means setting boundaries for use. Dog walking, bonfires, driving on the beach and special events all require permits for seasonal or temporary use.  Here is a guideline of what is required and links to where you can obtain the applicable permits.

Beach Driving

Beach driving permits are submitted between April 1 and may 10 of each year. All Beach Driving permits expire on June 1, regardless of the purchase date, and can be purchased from the Walton County Clerk of Courts. Vehicles are only allowed in specific areas.  No vehicles are allowed on beaches in Destin or Okaloosa County.

Permit Fees were effective January 22, 2013 and still in effect at the time of this writing.

    • $135.00 - For 4-wheel drive vehicles to drive on the limited access areas of the beach only.
    • $40.00 - for a trailer decal for launching a boat. To be placed on the tongue of the trailer. NOTE: This Boat Launch Permit does not include personal watercraft.

Disability Parking Permit

$10.00 - Residents with disabilities, upon proof of disability (Florida Disability Parking Placard, SSI Disability letter, etc.) may be issued

An annual permit upon obtaining an eligibility letter from County Administration. Non-residents with disabilities are eligible to receive a no- cost temporary permit from the Code Enforcement Department.

Dog Beach Permits

All Dog on Beach permits expire on August 1, regardless of the purchase date. The cost is $40.00 - for a dog tag to allow dogs on a leash to traverse the beach for certain limited hours of the day - and can be purchased from the Walton County Clerk of Courts - Dog Permits

Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the beaches in Destin/Okaloosa County, but there is a dog-friendly park at 4100 Indian Bayou Trail.

Bonfire Permit

An annual permit is required to have bonfires on the beach. All permits expire December 31.

Temporary Bonfire Permit

This $50 permit allows you to have a bonfire on the beach for one night.

You can submit an application to the South Walton Fire District for either a temporary or annual bonfire permit.

Bonfires are NOT ALLOWED on Destin or Okaloosa County Beaches.

Event Permits

Walton County

Beach Permit for Outdoor Events: Includes any type of beach vendor, jet ski rentals, para-sail vending or temporary beach driving. Outdoor Event Application

A permit is required for special events such as a wedding or party. Special Event Application
Get more info at the Walton County Civic Website

Okaloosa County

Small Gathering - 20-49 People

All groups of 20 or more wishing to hold an event of any nature on city-owned property are required to secure a Park Event Permit through the Destin Parks & Recreation Department. For more information about City of Destin event permits, please call the City of Destin Parks & Recreation Department at (850) 837-4242 or Download a Park Permit Application here. Only certain parks are available for event permits and beach access points are not available.

Large Gathering - 50+ People

Any gathering of 50 or more people being held in public or on private property requires an Event Permit. For more information about Okaloosa County event permits, please call the Okaloosa County Public Works Department at (850) 689-5772.

Contact Tim Shepard, or call (850) 325-0004 for more information about beach permits or local ordinances in Walton and Okaloosa Counties. If he doesn't have an immediate answer, he can definitely direct you to the proper contact.

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