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Beach Flag Warnings & Escaping a Rip Tide

Posted by Tim Shepard - Broker on Friday, June 24th, 2016 at 9:29am.

The Destin area has had some storms of late, and this weather has resulted in some powerful rip tides. There have been several accidents and even drownings that may have been prevented if swimmers and boaters had heeded the warning flags. If you do find yourself trapped in a rip tide, the video below explains how they work and various strategies for escaping them.

This is just a reminder of the flag colors and meanings. When the red flag is waving, the water may not appear all that rough, but the rip currents are probably at their worst.

beach flag warnings

How to Swim Out of a Rip Tide

Unknowingly caught in a rip current? Don't fight it. Dr. Beach explains how they work and different methods for swimming out of it.

Have fun and enjoy our beautiful Emerald Coast beaches, but stay safe!

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