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Value Based Searching When Purchasing a Home

Posted by Tim Shepard - Broker on Monday, April 1st, 2019 at 10:35am.

value over price

Search By Value Over Price and Expand Your Home Buying Options

Destin Home and condo prices showed hearty increases last year, but that trend has leveled off slightly. As a result the market is saturated with over priced homes waiting to sell. How can you as a new buyer take advantage of this? Search by value over price.

Every real estate market has its opportunities. Value based searching is a way for buyers to take advantage of the current real estate climate in Destin and the 30A. It's also the perfect strategy for getting more home than you planned on.

How To Get More Home Than You Budgeted For

When searching for a home, buyers generally define their budget, and then begin searching within that bracket. For instance, perhaps you've decided that your limit is $500,000; you wouldn't normally search for homes or condos for sale in the $600,000 range. But that's where your Destin realtor can help you get more home than you may have budgeted for.

Use You're Agent's Expertise

Using your agent's expertise, he or she can point out which listings provide the value of a $500K home, but may be overpriced for the market. There is nothing wrong with putting in an offer based on what you think a home is really worth. That's not to say that all homes in a higher bracket are worth less, but there are those, that simply don't belong, and that's where your agent can help.

This strategy of searching by value versus price opens up a whole new set of choices when it comes to buying. Your dream home may be well within your reach.

Start Searching Now

Here are some popular searches when shopping for a Destin home or condo. Remember, when you're selecting your price range, aim a little higher. Your agent will tell you whether those choices are priced to high. Maybe by placing a lower offer, more in line with the property's actual value, you could get more home than you bargained for.

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