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Home Buying Deal Breakers

Posted by Tim Shepard - Broker on Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 at 10:42am.

Home buying deal breakerWe researched online and polled past clients to find out what features they would consider deal breakers while viewing a house. Keep in mind that everyone has different opinions and a deal breaker for one person might be an inconvenience for another. Still, if you're selling a home, you might find some of these points helpful.

Popular Deal Breakers

1.  Design flaws that are too costly or time consuming to change

2. Open concept houses

3. Closed floor plans

4. Two-story or split-level homes

5. Carpeting

6. Insufficient closet space

7. Old Roman-style tubs with step down

8. Not enough bathrooms

9. Kitchen peninsula (vs an island)

10. Washer/Dryer in kitchen

11. Close proximity to power lines

12. Indoor swimming pool

13. Above-ground swimming pool

14. Water damage

15. Mold

16. Sketchy neighborhood

17. A house situated in a flood zone

18. Outdated plumbing or septic

19. Outdated electrical

20. A dirty or stinky house. Even though this is something that a buyer could easily fix, it creates an immediate bad impression that impacts the final decision.

21. Wallpaper

22. Previous scene of a murder

How about you - what do you consider a deal breaker when buying a house?

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