Home buyer triviaWhat Are the Most Important Features to Home Buyers?

These are results based on a survey of 2,500 home buyers in the U.S. conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2007. The purpose was to determine popular home feature preferences. It gives you a bit of insight into what features people think are important in a home and the changing trends. This is handy info to know whether you're planning to buy, sell, or build.

1. Most Requested Feature in a Home

Central Air Conditioning was selected by 83% of buyers. 57% wanted a garage for two or more cars; 53% requested a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and 50% wanted a backyard or play area.

2. The Median Size of Homes Between Late 2005 and 2007

1,840 square feet. Homes have…

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Brooks Bridge in Fort Walton Beach FLQuite the crowd gathered for the recent meeting to discuss options for replacing or enlarging the Brooks Bridge in downtown Fort Walton Beach. The bridge was constructed in 1964 with an expected 50-year design life. It no longer meets current design standards with deficiencies in the Disabilities Act requirements and navigational clearance for this portion of the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Proposal

The objective is to achieve this larger bridge with the least intrusion into downtown Fort Walton Beach, or the destruction of the Publix shopping center and the Emerald Coast Convention Center. The Florida Department of Transportation presented a plan for a new bridge with the following attributes:

  • Three-lane bridge (currently 2 lanes)
  • Wide bike…

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Raw & Juicy, Seaside juice barIf you've never been on Visitsouthwalton.com, it's a great little site that celebrates everything South Walton. Recently they had an interesting feature article about the origins of Raw & Juicy a popular Seaside juice bar. This story reminded me that so many of our local South Walton businesses have been founded by people who have accidentally discovered this amazing stretch of the Emerald Coast, and decided to stay. 

South Walton via Alaska, via Boulder, via Italy, via Philadelphia, via New York

Originally from Alaska, Jenifer Kuntz, moved to Colorado to get her degree in performing arts. While working part time in a local health food store she became knowledgeable in the philosophy of whole food eating and healing.  But this was only to pay the…

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Spring Cleaning

Get these chores taken care of in May, then when the kids are off you can spend your spare time  enjoying the summer. It's easy to have small issues build up, take care of them little by little and your home will always be well maintained. If you're considering selling your home, you'll be half way there.

Indoor Checklist

1. Kitchen & Bath

Examine any areas that could be susceptible to water damage and re-grout, beef up the caulking, or repair leaky faucets. Make sure you check inside the shower at the tops of tiles, near windows, or along the edges of a shower insert. If you have tile in showers or backsplashes, this is a great time to quickly reseal the grout.

2. Safety Detectors

Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors…

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It looks like the proposed Landmark Center in Downtown Fort Walton Beach will finally be a reality. Preliminary permits have been issued to begin construction on the foundation. Currently a 2.1 acre, empty field at Miracle Strip Parkway and Perry Avenue, this project has been in the planning stages since 2006 and is arriving with mixed reviews. Some say that this is only adding to the congestion of an already busy intersection. Others are happy for the new life it will bring to downtown Fort Walton Beach.

Landmark Center - Downtown Fort Walton Beach

Landmark Center Quick Facts

The development will measure 144,000 square feet and be divided into three separate buildings that will include:

  • 112-room Hilton Hotel
  • 24 Loft-style condos
  • Conference Center
  • Retail and Dining Space

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You Could be Rewarded for Good Behavior

credit reportIf you're planning on a real estate purchase in the near or distant future, it might be worth taking a look at your bill-paying habits. You might be rewarded for your good behavior. When it comes to credit, are you a "transactor" or a "revolver?"

With upcoming changes to the mortgage credit report by Fannie Mae, these terms could mean the difference between getting accepted for a mortgage, or not.

A transactor is someone who pays their credit card bills in full each month, or pays on time and exceeds the minimum requirement.

A revolver is the person who only makes the minimum payment, allowing balances to constantly roll over to the next month. They may also have several accounts on the go.


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the perfect housePart of our service as realtors is to play matchmaker for our clients. Once we have a good idea of the type of home or condo a buyer is looking for, then we use our knowledge of the area and the local market to find the perfect match.

In the example below, a client has sent us a request with very specific parameters for a Destin harbor condo, and we've responded with some equally specific listing ideas.


My husband and I are interested in a condo as a second home (and then primary after we retire) and preferably in the Destin Harbor area. We have vacationed to the Emerald Coast many times and so, fairly familiar with the area. Ideally, the property would fit within the following parameters:

  1. $600K - $750K
  2. Bedrooms: 3-4

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