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Why Live in a Beachfront House?

A beachfront home on the Gulf, or anywhere for that matter, really is ALL it's made out to be. There's something about looking out over that expansive blue space that that just makes you feel good. Now imagine waking up to that view every day, and falling asleep to the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping against the shore. Living by the ocean is a lifestyle like no other.

Science has proven time and again that beachfront living offers health benefits, for your body and soul. The convenience factor is a given. There's no packing up the car for spending a day by the shore. The beach is there in all its majesty, just waiting for you, day after day.

Top 10 Reasons to Live in a Beachfront Home

While there are plenty of reasons for choosing a waterfront lifestyle, here are our top 10 favorites:

      1. Boost Your Activity Level: The location alone, encourages physical activity. Living on a lengthy expanse of white, sandy beach is like a 24-hour invitation to go out for a stroll, or a quick dip in the ocean. Whether it's early morning, afternoon, or just relaxing in your front-row sunset seats, those options are part of your lifestyle.  Swimming is one of the most effective low-impact activities that's great for cardio and muscle stimulation. The seawater is also therapeutic for those aches and pains and stimulating your immune system.
      2. Get That Daily Dose of Vitamin D: If you're spending more time outdoors, it also means more exposure to natural sunlight. Keep it healthy with proper SPF protection and you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Not only does it boost your mood, but Vitamin D communicates with the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus; two minerals we need to maintain healthy bones and to ward off osteoporosis.
      3. Benefits of That Salty Air: For decades, physicians have prescribed visits to the seaside to provide relief for a multitude of illnesses, including overall malaise, respiratory issues and even skin problems. Many people who suffer from asthma or chronic breathing problems experience relief by inhaling the salt air. It must be those negative ions in the air which help your lungs absorb oxygen more effectively. Folks also often say they sleep better near the ocean. The sea air has higher levels of oxygen which helps to aid sleep.
      4. Mineral Rich Sea Water: People swear by a daily dip in sea water to soothe what ails them. It's not just psychological, salt water is is rich in minerals such as magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, iodine and sulphur, which are known to provide anti-inflammatory effects and soothe sensitive skin. 
      5. Mentally Soothing Sea Vibes: The exposure to fresh air, increased exercise and sunlight all have a positive effect on your mood and mental outlook. In a study published in Science Direct, people who lived within 2 km of the coast were basically more satisfied with their life than those who lived further away. There was a general association with better mental health for those living near the shore. Just go to the beach on a windy day, look across the water and breathe - it feels good.
      6. Healthy Aging: In another study on Healthy Aging, published by ScienceDirect, was a report on the benefits of the environment and continued activity on a person's mental well being as they age. Several participants of a swimming group describe ocean swimming as exhilarating and providing a strong connection to the environment.
        Here are some of their comments:
        • I'm just intoxicated by the water … I sort of feel like a dolphin or something or mermaid … when I dive in, I just feel like it's beautiful. (Isabelle, aged 55).
        • I much prefer to swim in the ocean and that is stunning, just that beautiful freedom and the beautiful salt water and … I find the ocean very calming. (Rhonda, aged 57).
        • I know when hubby died, I found it really hard to swim, but the more I swam the better I got … And I think that's a lot better than medicine. (Amber, aged 68).
      7. Close-Up With Nature: Whether it's sitting on your patio observing a pod of dolphins playing in the surf, or a close encounter with the undersea world while snorkeling, living close to the Gulf or ocean gives you the opportunity to forge a connection with the natural world that surrounds you. You also have easy access to fishing and obtaining fresh seafood. Another healthy benefit of living near the ocean.
      8. Wise Investment: From an investment standpoint, the closer your property is to the water, the more sought after it tends to be. If you're considering a beachfront investment rental, the opportunity for more consistent leasing income also increases. Let's face it, people love vacationing by the ocean!
      9. Close to the Action: Although beachfront houses can offer a more peaceful type of setting, they also tend to be closer to the action. Depending where you live, local waterfront pubs and restaurants can be just a short beach walk away. Residents are often walking distance to their favorite watering hole where they can meet up with friends for morning coffee, or  to watch the sun go down at the end of the day
      10. Oh, The Memories You'll Make: Spending time with family and friends by the shore has to be among the most cherished memories anyone can have. Whether it's going from splashing in the water to taking those first strokes, building sandcastles, collecting seashells, or having BBQ's with good friends. The memories you'll make after your life by the beach will follow you for a lifetime.

Beachfront view

Let me leave you with one final quote on the merits of living by the sea:
This is what I prefer, the sea … I always say that combination of the sun, the sand and the salt is … it's a magic recipe. (Ben, aged 62).

Gulf Front Homes on the Emerald Coast

For those under the belief that beachfront homes are all sprawling mansions, that's not always the case. It can be costly, to be sure, but a Gulf front home in Destin and the surrounding 30A is much more attainable then you might realize.

At the time of this writing there were 49 active listings ranging in price from $25,000,000 to $1,449,000. Sizes range from 9,051 to 1,264 square feet. A beachfront house is really for those who desire a waterfront lifestyle in a natural, often peaceful setting. That being said, some of the most luxurious and opulent homes on the Emerald Coast, are indeed gulf front. For those seeking a waterfront option in a condo or townhome, check out our post on the Destin Top Selling Beachfront Condos for an updated list of average prices and stats.

Start your search for waterfront lifestyle with some of these popular searches on the Emerald Coast:

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I'm looking for a couple of places to stay as my family and I prepare to go on vacation. It's good that you indicated that getting your vitamin D from a beachfront stay helps. That seems like a worthwhile thing to try. As my family and I both enjoy swimming, I'll make sure to share this with them and look for beachfront accommodations for us to stay in. I appreciate you sharing!

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