2018 top kitchen trends

Don't rush out to revamp your newly decorated kitchen; you won't be noticing any drastic changes in kitchen trends for 2018. What you will see is more of an extension of existing styles. Popular open floor plans are here to stay, along with the accompanying minimalist decor solutions. You'll also see more integration of new technology and sensible low maintenance solutions that don't sacrifice style.

Here are some of the top kitchen trends predicted for 2018:

Fewer upper cabinets make kitchens appear less cluttered, and contribute to the trending minimalist look. But, where do we store all that stuff? Creative storage solutions will become more commonplace such as roll-out drawers, pantry pullouts and islands that make use of every inch for extra storage. Some also opt for open shelf storage.

Big Sinks
Large porcelain or stainless-steel farmhouse style sinks are taking over. Not only trendy, they're great for cleaning pots, capturing splashes and all around practicality.

farmhouse style sink

Seating Areas
Where space allows, watch for kitchen nooks to be converted into cozy seating areas. This offers a comfortable place for guests to relax with a glass of wine and chat with the cook.

Gone are the tiled backsplashes that end at the bottom of the cupboards. Now you see them extend up the wall to the top of the cupboards.

Quartz Countertops
Sleek and shiny, quartz countertops are starting to replace their granite cousins. Durable and less resistant to scratches, these counters are easily maintained with soap and water. Due to their non-porous characteristics, there is no need to apply sealer to quartz counters.

Open Designs
If you've got an older home and are considering an update, the best place to start is by knocking down walls, (non-bearing of course) between your kitchen and living area. An open kitchen with island that flows seamlessly into the living area is here to stay.

Induction Stoves
Finally gaining in popularity in North America, induction cooktops have been widely used in Europe for years. They expel little hot air, keeping the smallest kitchen comfortable from overheating. There is no need for a large range hood, and the cooking surface is cool to the touch. Induction stoves have come down drastically in price from a few years ago, and simple cook tops are also popular additions to a kitchen island.

induction stove

Do You Have a 'Smart' Kitchen?
Smart technology that links our phones and computers to refrigerators and ranges is become the norm. Imagine relaxing on the beach when you remember you left the stove on. No problem, just turn it off using voice activation. Some refrigerators have interior cameras that send a photo of the contents to your phone as a reminder to pick up those items getting low.

LED Lighting
Now warmer in appearance, this energy saving lighting is ideal for illuminating small areas such as cupboard interiors, an island work space or even a toe-kick.

Wood-Look Flooring
While hardwood floors are still used, more durable substitutes are becoming popular. Now you'll see wood-look plank floors, out of porcelain and rubber giving the same warm look of hardwood, without the maintenance.

Under-Counter Appliances
In line with the non-cluttered, open kitchen, built-in appliances such as microwaves are starting to appear under counters, even in drawers with top-loading ability.

Stainless Steel
Gone are the black, glossy appliances, stainless steel is leading the pack. A black version of stainless is starting to emerge which is pretty unique. It doesn't show fingerprints, but if it scratches, the shiny stainless metal shows through.

Touch Faucets
Got your hands full? No problem just brush against the faucet with your arm and the water comes on. Touch again to turn off.

Most of the new homes in Destin and the surrounding area have incorporated many of the above features in their designs. You can view many new construction homes on the market here.

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