Quartz vs. Granite - Both Make Stunning Countertops

quartz and granite countertops

Every homeowner deserves the kitchen of their dreams and it’s your turn to design yours. Perhaps you've planned the layout and style, and ordered the state-of-the-art appliances. Now you have an important decision, will it be quartz or granite for the countertops. A number of key factors will go into choosing the best choice for you. Let’s peek below the surface to get the full picture.

Often decisions like this begin with cost and both options can be pricey, with Quartz being slightly more expensive. Both have a great return on investment when it comes to durability, easy maintenance, longevity and visual appeal. And this is your dream kitchen after all, so let’s explore some other considerations.

Is it Natural?

Granite comes out ahead if you are looking for a 100% natural product. It is quarried, smoothed, and installed in your home with no modification. For a close second, quartz comes in at 97% natural, composed of quartz aggregates bound together with resins.

Is it Durable?

Because it's an engineered surface, quartz does not have the imperfections and striations that granite can have. This makes it more durable, and less likely to crack. The resins give quartz its advantage in strength, but granite is more durable than conventional countertop products.

Is it Low-Maintenance?

Both surfaces meet that criteria, with quartz edging out granite because of the need to seal granite at installation and periodically afterwards. Granite is porous so it is more prone to staining. It’s best to tackle spills right away. A little soap and water deals with most spills on a quartz countertop. Just be careful with cleaning products as quartz reacts poorly with some chemicals. Making sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide will avoid issues.

Drama or Simplicity?

Granite, with its veining, swirls, and speckles, makes a dramatic statement. If you’re looking for a natural beauty to become the focal point, this is the countertop you want. Serenity and simplicity is delivered generously with the clean consistent patterns of quartz. A quartz countertop, while equally beautiful, allows another aspect to be the focal point and becomes a supporting player in a modern contemporary kitchen.


You really need to get a professional estimate to be certain, but this will give you a ballpark idea of cost.

$50 to $100 per square foot for low to high quality quartz

$50-$60 per square foot for slabs and $10 to $40 per square foot for granite tile

For both products there will be additional charges for labor, edging additional materials and seams. Although granite is slightly cheaper than quartz, the end price could be quite higher depending on the extras.

quartz vs granite countertops

As you can see, a lot of it comes down to your tastes. Compare the factors, features, and patterns. If you can get your hands on some samples, get a feel for each material. Both surfaces make for a great countertop choice. In the end, you’ll have that kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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