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Secrets for Selling Your Home Quickly

Posted by Tim Shepard - Broker on Monday, April 1st, 2019 at 11:43am.

Quick Sales - How Do They Do It?

You know that if your home sells quickly, you're probably doing something right. Whether it's the price, the condition of the home, or possibly just the demand of the neighborhood or condo complex. Maybe it's just hitting on that magical buyer who has found their dream home.

There are some things you need to know about the current Destin and 30A real estate market to help increase your chances of a quick sale. See below we for more detail about what's working, popular price ranges and areas:

Pricing to Sell, Not Sitting on the Shelf

how much is your property worth

There is currently a huge demand for homes that are realistically and reasonably priced. That sounds like a no brainer, but not as common as you might think. When you have a robust real estate market with plenty of buyers, sellers often choose to set their price a little higher from the start. Maybe that has worked in the past, but in our current market, that strategy has only resulted in an abundance of overpriced homes waiting for buyers to make an offer.

Not surprisingly, the homes that are selling quickly and close to the asking price are those that have been priced reasonably and realistically.

What can we learn from this? Get expert advice from your agent and price your home or condo sensibly, and in line with the market. This simple approach can minimize extended selling periods. If you clean up before hand, maybe take care of some small repairs, or painting, this could increase your chances of a profitable sale even more.

What's So Special About These Homes?

These were some of the main qualities of Destin single-family homes and condos that sold in 7 days or less this spring. This isn't to say they had all of these features, there are plenty of beachfront homes that don't sell in one week, but these were popular traits among those that sold quickly:

  • Beachfront, beach view
  • Immaculate, move in ready condition
  • Consistent, attractive style throughout the home
  • Proven high rental projections
  • In need of repair, but priced accordingly and have good location,
  • Fully furnished
  • Popular neighborhood or condo development
  • Seller completed renovations prior to listing
  • Time sensitive - i.e. short sale or auction
  • Priced for quick sale

The two major take aways from this is:

  1. Take the time to prepare your home for sale. Presentation, inside and out is very important. Your agent can advise you as to the best places to put your energy and dollars for maximum value.
  2. Price your home sensibly and in line with the market.

Popular Price Ranges

Popular Price Ranges for Quick Selling Condos in Destin & 30A

19% of the condos sold from January to March 2019 sold in 7 days or less. Of the Destin & 30A condos that sold in 7 days or less:

  • 39% were under $300K
  • 36% were priced from $300K-$499K
  • 20% were priced from $500K-$999K
  • 5% were priced over $1 million

Condo quick sale pricing

Popular Price Ranges for Quick Selling Homes in Destin & 30A

26% of single-family homes in the Destin and 30A area sold in 7 days or less. Of the homes that sold in 7 days or less:

  • 49% were under $300K
  • 20% were priced from $300K-$499K
  • 24% were priced from $500K-$999K
  • 7% were priced over $1 million

Quick sale homes by amount

A Closer Look at Quick Selling Areas in Destin & 30A

Top Selling Areas for Quick Condo Sales

  • Destin: 37%
  • Miramar/Sandestin Resort: 30%
  • Fort Walton Beach: 17%
  • 30A East: 13%
  • 30A West: 1%

Condo quick sale areas

Top Selling Areas for Quick Home Sales

  • Fort Walton Beach: 40%
  • Niceville: 29%
  • 30A East: 13%
  • 30A West: 9%
  • Miramar/Sandestin Resort: 9%

Quick sale areas for homes

We've got some great tips for buying a home in the current Destin market. Read our post about Value Based Buying and get more home than you budgeted for.

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